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  • Partner Rentals chooses SDLG for Northeast rental fleet
    Release Date: 2018.11.20 Views: 314

    The company chose SDLG for its value proposition and ease-of-use for rental customers working in the region.

    Partner Rentals, a Kingston, New York-based equipment rental house, is adding SDLG wheel loaders to its fleet. The company needed loaders for its rental customers that mainly work in landscaping, snow removal and light construction, and found that SDLG’s value proposition was ideal for a small rental company for several reasons.

    Hernan del Aguila, owner of Partner Rentals, said the company chose an SDLG L918F and L948F because they offer simple, reliable technology that is easy to learn and operate for customers.

    SDLG is consistent with selling value price machines that offer basic technology for simple jobs which is perfect for the rental industry,” he said. “It is really easy for our customers to operate these wheel loaders. And because we aren’t purchasing machines with a lot of features we don’t need, we can get a good return on investment without having to run the machines 24/7.”

    Partner Rentals consulted with its local SDLG dealer, Syracuse, New York-based Vantage Equipment during the buying process. Vantage Equipment suggested the SDLG loaders for their value proposition, as well as their reputation for reliable, well-made machines.

    The L918F is a compact, 15,000 lb wheel loader that offers both 1.0 yd skid steer style coupler and bucket and a general purpose 1.3 yd3 compact wheel loader on ISO coupler. At its price point, it often competes with skid steers, offering a compact footprint and high maneuverability that doesn’t damage job site grounds. The L948F is a 3.0 yd3 wheel loader with an operating weight of 32,000 lbs. Both come with 12-month, 2,000-hour warranties with extended coverages available.

    “Wheel loaders are in constant demand in the Northeast throughout the year, whether it be for dirt removal, snow removal or other smaller jobs that require quick and efficient turnaround,” del Aguila said. “We are pleased that SDLG is able to provide us with a no- frills, effective solution.”


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