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  • [New Products] - E655F Excavator SDLG with Wide Scope of Application
    Release Date: 2019.01.12 Views: 279

    E655F can be widely used in such working conditions as construction companies, landscape parks, rural land leveling, municipal and urban infrastructures, road and water project building, etc. Multiple implements are available, which can be installed and replaced quickly, so as to meet the users’ demands for various working conditions. 



    Power: /kW/rpm:36/2,000

    Gross weight:6,050kg

    Bucket capacity:0.1~0.3m3

    Maximum excavating force: 40KN

    Maximum unloading height: 4,163mm

    Maximum excavating depth: 3,846mm

    Rotating speed: 11.5rpm

    Four strong points

    01 Energy efficiency 

    ★ The machine is featured by compact structure, flexibility and wonderful adaptability to working conditions; 

    ★It is equipped with turbo-charged Kubota engine, ensuring robust power and low fuel consumption; 

    ★The constant-power hydraulic system, load sensory control, precise and convenient movement control; 

    ★ If the machine stops for five seconds, the engine will go idling automatically, thus having evident energy-saving effect. 

    02 Safe and reliable

    ★The upper frame is welded as a whole. With high-strength T-shaped structure, the load is evenly distributed; the chassis has rational structure, with wonderful stability and strong bearing capacity; 

    ★ Steel plates with high tensile strength are installed on the working position; the axle seat bottom uses the forged parts. The large-space clapboard is installed, by robot welding, in the middle part. Use the flaw detector to test the welded lines, so as to ensure quality, reliability and duration. 

    ★ The axle and case uses the steel bushing manganese  phosphating treatment, which has wonderful anti-abrasion performance and long life cycle. 

    ★ The driving wheel, steering wheel, bearing wheel, riding wheel and crawler are supplied by famous suppliers, which have wonderful quality, reliability and duration. 

    ★ It has safety locking lever, front windshield protective net, cylinder piston rod protective board and many other protective measures, which make the product safer. 

    03 Comfortable and environmental 

    ★ The cab uses the silicon oil damping + premium seat damping, which have evident damping effect and feature comfortable operations. 

    ★ The machine has low noise, which is far lower than national standard and data in the same industry; 

    ★The electric fan and independent AC system that produce large wind; 

    ★The cabin adopts the specially-shaped frame and 90-degree sliding all-steel front wind shield + panoramic sunroof, which offer large space and wonderful vision; 

    ★ The people-oriented simulated handle design ensures all control switches are within easy access; 

    ★ The China III engine is featured by large air inlet to optimize in-cylinder combustion, lower displacement, green and environmental performance. 

    04 Convenient 

    ★ Concentrated filters: air filters, and filters for fuel, motor oil and hydraulic oil, etc. are arranged together for easy and convenient maintenance by standing on the ground; 

    ★Concentrated pressure measurement: Pressure-measuring opening is set within the engine hood, making it convenient measure system pressure, make routine check and fault diagnosis, etc. 

    ★Concentrated lubrication: Use the grease pipe to lubricate axle and case, making the maintenance convenient. 

    It helps with national rejuvenation and personal wealth; 

    You deserve to own E655F of SDLG!

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