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  • SDLG Kicked off Sharing & Caring Service Africa Station
    Release Date: 2019.05.09 Views: 303

    Johannesburg, a city in South Africa, was in autumn in April. The summer-end showers made the air fresher and more comforting.

    Sharing & Caring Service Africa Station, a service inspection activity organized by SDLG, was held in Johannesburg of South Africa. It was another customer-visit activity by SDLG after the service inspection in Southern Asia, Russia and Central Asia, which was designed to upgrade customer satisfaction and brand influence of SDLG.


    SDLG’s new L958F was working on the site of AFRI SAM

    When working in South Africa, SDLG team joined hands with VOLVO Service Manager and service manager of its dealer in South Africa BABCOCK to visit sand field, stone mine, clay mine, chromium mine, carbonatite mine, farm, processing of agricultural products and other working conditions. In these visits, they studied various products of SDLG, e.g., loaders, levelers, excavators and mining trucks, etc., so as to learn actual needs of local customers and study the product quality, after-sales service, convenience of parts purchase and price of parts, etc.

    During the visit, the service staff checked the products to resolve existing failures and eliminate potential problems. They also answered customers’ questions about products to end their doubts and collect their proposals on product. The salespeople, according to the customers’ needs, used the data and actual working conditions as the model. They offered products for customers in a rational way, thus gaining recognition from clients.

    AFRISAM owns SDLG’s LG958L, one L958L and one LG978. Its LG958L and LG978 have operated for more than 10,000 hours.

    The company owner Audrey was quite satisfied with product quality, after-sales service, convenience of parts purchase and price of components, etc., giving very high praise. The owner Audrey said many of her friends, due to her recommendation, now own SDLG equipment.

    One week was short. But in South Africa market where there are nearly 1,000 units of SDLG machinery, one week was not sufficient. As a result, before the visit was concluded, the dealer’s Service Supervisor Manual, its Sales Supervisor Lance and SDLG team members in the visit summed up all SDLG product and service problems they identified in South Africa market, and made the follow-up to secure its expansion in South Africa market.

    It is believed that SDLG, supported by reliable products and upgraded service, will enhance its brand influence in South Africa market. 

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